MassFiscal To File Lawsuit Challenging Intimidation Legislation

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance to Sue State Over Compelled Speech Requirements

Government demands for irrelevant information violate First Amendment, lawsuit says

Boston, MA  – Today, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance (MassFiscal), a nonpartisan nonprofit represented by the Institute for Free Speech will file a federal lawsuit alleging that some Massachusetts campaign finance laws are unconstitutional. Unlike most states, Massachusetts requires ads that name candidates within 90 days of a general election to include a statement from a principal officer of the organization running the ad, a list of the organization’s top five contributors, and a link to a government website. The group believes this information is irrelevant and cannot be required in disclaimers.

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Thank you for voting!

Over 1,000,000 residents of the Commonwealth turned out to vote in the recent state primary election held on September, 4, 2018!

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SJC Upholds Unfair Campaign Finance Loophole

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has decided to uphold the union loophole in state campaign finance law, meaning that the state will continue to give an unfair advantage to unions over businesses when it comes to political speech.


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