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Massachusetts Alliance Fiscal Fellowship


The mission of the Massachusetts Fiscal Fellowship program is to keep young, fiscally-interested people involved and attentive in Massachusetts policy and politics, by creating an educational and experience-based fellowship. 


More often than not, talented students leave Massachusetts for Washington D.C. in hopes to find prospective learning opportunities in policy and politics. Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance unveiled its Fellowship program to keep talented young people employed in Massachusetts and show them that there are growing opportunities for fiscally-interested young professionals in the Commonwealth.


Fiscal Fellows network with current leaders in government, shadow successful entrepreneurs and learn the pillars of politics in Massachusetts. Interested in becoming a Fiscal Fellow? Join the movement by clicking here.


 MassFiscal-Fellowship-Tour-2   MassFiscal-Fellowship-Tour-3Building Skills: Shadowing entrepreneurs, touring successful businesses statewide, & gaining educational experiences.     












Identifying Future Leaders: Using state-of-the-art technology & learning new techniques for success.

 MassFiscal-Fellowship-Young-Professional-ProgramGrowing Community: Team building, meeting locals through door-to-door canvassing, preparing potential leaders, & engaging in the community.Identifying-Future-Leaders-MassFiscal


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