MassFiscal calls on Chairman-Elect to Return Bradley Donations to OCPF

(BOSTON)—Today, Paul Craney, executive director of MassFiscal Alliance, called on new Democrat State Committee Chairman Gus Bickford to purge the state committee coffers of any funds received from former state Rep. Bradley and employees or associates at his firm, Thornton and Associates. A copy of our letter may be found here.

The Boston Globe reports that a grand jury has been convened to investigate the firm, which is led by Bradley, and its reported illegal funneling of corporate cash to campaign coffers. The Thornton and Associates scheme could be the largest "straw donor” case ever brought nationwide.

Craney said “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and at least 19 politicians, including unsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, Representative Kennedy, and Boston Mayor Walsh, have returned or refunded these tainted contributions. The Massachusetts Democratic State Committee must do the same." 

Craney said using those contributions for elections, in the knowledge the funds are tainted, strains ethical conduct. 

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance advocates for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in state government and increased economic opportunity for the people of our Commonwealth.

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