Online Poll - Do You Think the Gas Tax Should Be Repealed?

State_House_-_Copy.jpgThe Governor and legislature approved a new tax increase for gasoline by 3 cents per gallon. The tax is tied to the rate of inflation which means future tax increases will not require a vote by our elected leaders. Massachusetts drivers are now paying 42 cents per gallon in taxes (state & federal). Some politicians who voted for the increase also receive taxpayer funded reimbursements for their trips to the Statehouse in Boston.

Do you think our elected leaders were wrong to increase the gas tax and future increases should require a roll call vote by our elected officials? If so, please sign up below and we will post your endorsement on our website on an ongoing basis.

Our original goal was to identify at least 351 grassroots activists across the Commonwealth who would sign up below, representing an activist in each of our state's 351 municipalities. In only a few days, we met that goal and now are looking to see if there are at least 1,000 grassroots activists across the Commonwealth who agree. We want as many committed activists to sign the petition because the Legislature will be meeting again and they need to hear from you!

GOAL: 1,000 endorsements

Will you sign?

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