Record Inflation and Recession Are Still Not Enough for Mariano and Spilka to Act on Tax Relief

With only three days before the end of the legislative session Massachusetts Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka are still refusing to release their very mild tax relief package from the conference committee. 

As lawmakers continue to bicker amongst themselves, a new study was released this week showing Massachusetts inflation has outpaced national inflation when looking at important energy prices. Making matters worse, on Thursday morning, a new report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis was released showing the country is officially entering into a recession. This bad economic news coupled with inaction from the Speaker and Senate President, are leaving taxpayers worried their State House leaders just don’t care about their economic anxiety. These same State House leaders are also proposing a ballot question this November which would increase the state income tax 80 percent, from 5 percent to 9 percent, on some small businesses and high-income earners.

“Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka appear to be just fine with record inflation and a new recession, couples with no tax relief, and a new 80 percent income tax hike on some small businesses and high-income earners. For them, this is business as usual,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Yesterday’s inflation study was done by the Beacon Hill Institute and commissioned by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation. It warned that Massachusetts inflation stricken energy costs are surpassing national averages and the study warned the proposed income tax increase would specifically harm businesses and struggling taxpayers who are hit the hardest from inflation. As tax revenues soar, the study warned, the state must avoid further unnecessarily burdening its constituents who are struggling to keep up with record inflation. With the state coffers swelling in tax collections, the study urged lawmakers to consider providing immediate relief by helping their constituents combat record inflation. It concluded that one place to start is to abandon the proposal for a new income tax hike on some small businesses and high-income earners.

“The Speaker and Senate President refused to suspend the state gas tax, instead they passed a controversial bill to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The Speaker and Senate President refused to lower energy costs, instead they rushed through a very costly climate change bill which will ban the sale of gas- and diesel-powered vehicles in the future,” continued Craney.

“Today, MA residents got the news that the country is officially in a recession. Instead of being met with leadership from their elected officials, all people see is inaction from our Speaker and Senate President. Instead of trying to help, they are hoping to raise the income tax by 80 percent on some small businesses and high-income earners with their ballot question this November. These State House leaders are completely out of touch with the economic anxiety that is spreading in Massachusetts and middle-class people in Massachusetts are left to suffer,” concluded Craney.

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