With Gov. Baker Now On Board, MassFiscal Challenges Mariano and Spilka to Suspend Gas Tax

 New Record Set Today - $4.65 for Gas and $6.40 for Diesel

With record gasoline and diesel prices continuing to rise and shatter the previous day’s record, at least one State House leader has now embraced suspending the state gas tax. Governor Charlie Baker told the media that he thinks it’s time to consider suspending the state gas tax, and referenced that it will not have an impact on the bond rating and will result in lower prices. This change in tune is a reversal from a year ago when Gov. Baker, along with his then Secretary of the Energy and Environment Katie Theoharides, were championing the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), which was designed to lower the supply of fuel in order to drive up the price and lower demand. Theoharides left the Baker administration earlier this month.

“For years, MassFiscal has been pressing Governor Baker to reject the regressive TCI gas tax idea and adopt a policy position in favor of lower gasoline and diesel costs. We are pleased to hear that the Governor finally came around to this position,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Since the Governor now sees the value in lower gasoline and diesel fuel costs, we hope that a similar change in attitude will be contagious at the State House. If Governor Baker, the number one fan of the TCI gas tax, can change then there should be optimism for Massachusetts motorists that the Speaker and Senate President can change too. The ball is now in their court. It is up to Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka to suspend the state gas tax in order to provide relief. The Governor has adopted a complete 180 on a policy position and they should too,” concluded Craney.

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