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For too long, special interest groups have influenced decision makers at the State House. As a result, Massachusetts has become less economically competitive and we are now ranked as one of the least economically competitive states in the country. New Hampshire and Florida are top two destinations for where Massachusetts residents flee to. Below are simple reforms that could dramatically help Massachusetts gain its economic competitiveness. If you have a reform idea, please share it with us. Email tips, ideas or comments by clicking here.

Economic Competitiveness

Advocate for Fiscal Responsibility.
  • Eliminate the harm associated with the income tax surcharge (aka millionaire's tax) which raised the income tax by 80 percent (from 5 to 9 percent) on many small businesses, retirees, home sales, and high income earners. The only way to do this is by eliminating and reducing broad based taxes elsewhere.
  • Protect the taxpayer protection laws passed by Citizens for Limited Taxation such as Proposition 2 1/2, which keeps property taxes low and 62F, which stops tax hikes and rebates the taxpayers.
  • Eliminate the 'marriage penalty' to be applied to married couples which permits the state to impose the millionaires tax to couples who have a combined income of over $1M.  
  • Eliminate the sales tax.
  • Eliminate the estate tax.
  • Eliminate the inventory tax.
  • Eliminate the arbitrary green mandates that reduce choices for consumers, and raise housing prices.
  • Support efforts to allow for more natural gas and nuclear energy, which will dramatically reduce energy costs for the region. Massachusetts (and New England) have among the highest energy costs in the country and at times, the world.
  • Support efforts to privatize aspects of the MBTA and make it easier to take advantage of private-sector efficiencies by repealing the Pacheco Law.
  • Reform unemployment and disability insurance, Massachusetts is the worst state in the country.
  • Reduce the state's spending and debt per capita to levels that are sustainable.
  • Reform welfare laws to protect taxpayers and those in need of services.
  • Oppose the Paid Sick Leave mandate.
  • Oppose an increase to the state's minimum wage.


Advocate for a Simpler Budget Process That Makes Understanding the Budget on Beacon Hill More Accessible to the Public.
  • Support budgets that are balanced without new taxes or spending from the rainy day fund.
  • Demand that bills be posted online at least 48 hours before a vote is to be taken on that specific bill.
  • Change the rules so that each amendment to the budget must be voted on individually.
  • Support efforts that would require a two-thirds majority in the Legislature in order to increase taxes.
  • Support efforts that would require public hearings on tax increases and new taxes before a vote takes place.
  • Support efforts that would require an economic impact study to be conducted on new and higher taxes before a vote takes place.

Good Government

Advocate for Further Transparency on Beacon Hill.
  • Demand legislative committee votes be made public.
  • Extend the open meeting laws to include the Governor and the Legislature.
  • Support the public record law to include members of the legislature.
  • Support making the MBTA pension fund open to the public.
  • Reduce charges for providing public records to media and citizens.
  • Supports efforts that would reaffirm the state Auditor has the power to audit the legislature.
  • Reform campaign finance laws so that it will not be used as a weapon to silence speech and association.

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