Biden and Walsh Should Rally Around Struggling Massachusetts Employers

Massachusetts Employers Need to Feel Biden’s Love

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance released the following statement in response to former Vice President Joe Biden and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joining a Stop and Shop picket line in Dorchester today.

“As millions of Massachusetts taxpayers pay their taxes this week, it would be more appropriate for Mayor Walsh and Vice President Biden to show some warm feelings toward our state’s employers, rather than just joining the picket line. The Vice President should make time to meet with employers. It’s a great opportunity for an elected official to figuratively give our employer community a warm embrace,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesperson of MassFiscal.

The United Food and Commercial Workers supported each piece of the so-called “Grand Bargain” right up until the moment they were asked to give something up. They fought the rollback of the state sales tax to 5%-- a policy that would have benefited their members and customers. They fought for a $15 minimum wage that only makes the cost of goods more expensive. They donated thousands of dollars to politicians and organizations that ultimately worked against their interest during the grand bargain negotiation. Now they want their employers, who are already shouldering the massive added costs of the grand bargain, to bail them out. 

This strike is the fault of union bosses that are out of touch with the needs of their rank and file members, and the millions of customers they serve. It once again highlights the importance of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision, which allows some individual union members the choice of opting out of paying dues that finance speech which they disagree with, and at times fails to represent their best interests.

“Massachusetts employers, especially the small business owners, are the heart of our state’s economy. They were also hurt by the grand bargain. The former Vice-President is known for being ‘overly affectionate’ at times. I can’t think of a group of people that are more in need of some affection than the long-neglected employers and small business owners of our state,” concluded Craney.

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