Earth Day: Higher Taxes, Bigger Government, and Fewer Options for Taxpayers

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Greta Thunberg figures of the modern-day Democratic party have inspired a whole new green agenda.

If you oppose or even question it, you are considered a denier. Earth Day used to be about teaching the next generation about the importance of picking up litter, planting a tree and preserving our environment. It used to be about promoting policies that preserve open space, recycling, protect pristine areas of land and water along with the animals that inhabit those areas. Modern day Massachusetts State House politicians use it as a day to showcase their extreme left wing climate agenda: full of new regulations, new taxes, higher taxes, more government spending, more authority to unelected bureaucrats, more unelected bureaucrats in general, less competition in the free market, and with no measurable benefits to protecting Mother Earth, in some cases actually harming it.
Attorney General Maura Healey, the Democratic front runner for Governor, is no exception and displayed this in her newly released climate agenda this week. Since “establishment” Democrats, establishment business groups, and even some establishment Republicans are so keen on making sure she wins the corner office this November, we thought you would like to know more about her plan.
Maura’s Climate Czar
The Attorney General promised to add a Climate “Czar” to her cabinet. This powerful, unelected bureaucrat will be responsible for climate policy across every Massachusetts agency and ensuring that climate change is considered in all relevant decision-making. Maura’s Czar will be responsible for achieving net-zero by 2030 for state operations. This includes mandating the switch to all electric vehicles. Maura’s Czar will oversee a new priority of at least 1% of the entire state budget to be spent on the state’s environment and energy agencies as well.
Maura’s Climate Committee
The Attorney General promises to establish a “Climate Action and Innovation Leadership Council” that will be tasked with dolling out taxpayer money to non-profits, academic institutions, preferred green allies in the private sector, and unions. 
Maura’s Bank
When the green industry needs capital and the state government cannot just give it away, Maura has a plan for that. The Attorney General is promising to create a “Green Bank” which will most likely give away low interest or no interest loans to preferred allies in the left-wing climate industry. They promise to be a lender and to be an investor for green interests that need capital.
Electrify Everything & Reduce Car Usage
Maura is promising to “electrify everything.” All of our buildings and modes of transportation will be 100% electric. Local municipalities will be given permission to ban cheap, reliable, and cleaner fossil fuels. MassSave’s “free” lightbulbs will be overshadowed by this new agenda. Maura promises to install one million heat pumps by 2030. The math is about 150,000 buildings per year.
Maura promises to ban the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. Before then, she wants to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, which is about 150,000 per year. Currently, Massachusetts only sells around 15,000 electric vehicles per year. Once Maura has you in a new electric vehicle, it doesn’t necessarily mean Maura wants you driving it like you drive now. Maura promises to “reduce car usage” by electrifying public transportation. All public transportation, from the busses to the trains will be electric. She does not mention planes or boats. Her plan doesn’t make clear if she will use the carrot or the stick to get us to “reduce car usage.”
Union Jobs
It should come as no surprise; Maura is promising to industrialize our ocean with countless offshore wind turbines “faster than ever before” and all built with prevailing wage rates through union labor. There was no mention of the critically endangered North Atlantic Whale, the Piping Plover, or the delicate ecosystem, just a rapid development of 850 ft. man-made structures drilled hundreds of feet into the ocean floor off our coast.
If you are seeing a trend, you are not alone. The Maura Healey plan in a nutshell: the Attorney General wants to increase the size and bureaucracy of government, put more power in the hands of unelected officials, raise taxes, and take away our cars.

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