Edna and Lester Are Not Amused

As we speak, our latest round of educational mailings are being delivered to mailboxes across the Commonwealth.

 “Edna and Lester” are just a few of the constituents who had no idea about the radical policies being advocated by their representatives on Beacon Hill.

MassFiscal-Fighting-Intimidation-LegislationSenator-Anne-Gobi-Votes to Make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State

Needless to say, when they found out, they were not amused.

The latest round of mailers from Mass Fiscal Alliance is educating folks on issues ranging from making Massachusetts a sanctuary state, to the expansion of tolls, and the 40% average pay raise legislators voted themselves last year.

All told, almost 800,000 thousand pieces of mail were sent out across 25 different legislative districts from Pittsfield to Provincetown.

Many legislators feel they can support legislation that is radically out of touch with their districts because, often times, their constituents never find out about it. Educational mail programs like ours are keeping residents informed and allowing them to voice their opinions on these matters.

Thank you for your continued support of MassFiscal. Without you, many Massachusetts voters would be left in the dark regarding many issues important to them.

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