Almost as bad as New Jersey

This year has been tough on the taxpayer, given January's enormous 40 percent legislative pay grab, out-of-control MassHealth spending, and the back-room deal making that makes it all possible. 

MassHealth has grown exponentially in recent years and now makes up over 40% of the entire state budget. Baker is trying to fix it, just like he did when he vetoed the pay raises and the 40B dollar budget. 

Baker proposed a common sense reform package to restructure MassHealth for non-disabled adults. He’s moving 140,000 people with income above the federal poverty level off of MassHealth. The Governor is also requesting a pass from the federal government’s harmful Obamacare laws to prohibit MassHealth eligibility for those who are offered employer based healthcare. 

Even with Baker’s fiscal responsibility and lawmakers in the legislature who have high MassFiscal scores, Massachusetts still ranks nearly dead last for fiscal health at #48 and has the highest debt per capita in the nation. Tack on Prop. 80, which is a 80 percent tax increase, and we’ll soon look worse than even New Jersey. 

TOMORROW, Tuesday, the Joint Committees on Ways and Means and Health Care Financing are holding a hearing to discuss the Governor’s MassHealth reform package. Please take 10 seconds to contact the Joint Health Care Finance Committee and the Joint Ways and Means Committee to tell them you support the reforms in order to get Massachusetts back on track.

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