How Much Did Your Lawmaker Earn? 2023 Edition

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! That’s how legislators and constitutional office holders view the pay hike bill that was originally passed at the start of the legislative session back in 2017.

In addition to immediate salary raises and a brand-new stipend for travel and office expenses, the bill tied the pay of the state’s six statewide constitutional officers and lawmakers to changes in state wages every two years.

Legislators receive what they call a “base pay” that is constitutionally tied to the median household income. However, in addition to this base pay, they receive varying amounts for committee and leadership positions, as well as a travel and office stipend that varies slightly based on how far away from the State House one lives. This has resulted in four separate pay raises since the bill’s passage just six years ago and is resulting in a pay increase of just over 20% this year alone! All this pay for positions that are considered part time. Lawmakers are free to earn other sources of income, and many do.

As for the constitutional officers: Gov. Maura Healey, will have a base salary of $222,185, which is $37,185 more than what Governor Charlie Baker was paid. When adding the $65,000 housing allowance the governor receives, her total compensation would jump to $287,185.

For the Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, her salary comes in at $198,000 from $165,000.

The attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, and state auditor also get the 20% increase. Diana DiZoglio, the newly elected auditor has the highest new annual salary of the four, at $229,377.

It’s up to each of the legislators and constitutional officers if they accept the pay increase. So far Healy, Driscoll, DiZoglio and Campbell have said they will accept the pay raise before lifting a finger at their new job. The legislators will also have to make this decision but we won’t hold our breath.

MassFiscal will look at payroll records this year to see who took their pay raises and report back. If you would like to see how much your part time State Representative and State Senator got paid last year, we have those numbers! Please look below.

Click here to view latest House payroll numbers.

Click here to view latest Senate payroll numbers. 


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