Independent Spirit on Beacon Hill

Thanks to an Independent Spirit on Beacon Hill, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance will celebrate the Fourth of July all month long!

After weeks of waffling, Republicans and Democrats came together to pave the way for substantive reform at the MBTA. As part of the state budget, the legislature suspended the arcane and burdensome Pacheco Law for three years.

The Pacheco Law is a darling of union bosses, as it makes contracting out any function performed by a state employee nearly impossible. Without it, Governor Baker and his team can evaluate and assess the work done at the T to determine how and who can most efficiently deliver services.

Mass Fiscal played a big part in the debate. Chairman Rick Green’s editorial, “Give Baker the Tools he Needs,” ran in nearly a dozen papers. We conducted a statewide poll and found over 80 percent supported Baker’s plan for reform, and then we made sure every representative and senator knew that we weren’t going to let them get away with voting with union bosses instead of with their constituents.

We called over 150,000 voters in the district of Senator Pacheco and Senator McGee, urging them to call their senator and demand they support the bi-partisan Baker plan for the MBTA.

We sent letters to every board of selectmen, city councilor and mayor across the state, explaining the pitfalls of the Pacheco law and how the Baker plan would address it.

Mass Fiscal’s informational videos provided a bit of levity, poking fun at the ridiculous antics of the Beacon Hill pols and union bosses. Our radio ads helped make sure the important issues surrounding reform were well-aired. Our ads played on the Howie Carr show, the Dan Rea show, the Jim Polito show, the Jordan Levy show and during Jon Keller's daily radio update on WBZ.

For many on Beacon Hill, voting in favor of good government against the advice of the union bosses took exceptional courage. To them, we say Thanks, and happy Independence Month! We will make sure to keep you updated on the progress going forward.

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