Statement on House Supporting Anti-Privacy Legislation

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance released the following statement in response to the Massachusetts House of Representative’s vote to override Governor Charlie Baker’s veto to the so-called Janus “fix” legislation.


Picture of House roll call, 9/18/2019. Only state Rep. Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk) voted against the override.

“Despite the best efforts of the Governor and one bold lawmaker, the legislature continues to insist upon a law that blatantly violates the privacy rights of state workers that opt not to enroll in a union. When this legislation becomes law, it will find itself in the courts and most likely be overturned by an impartial judge,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“National organizations have already been in contact with us, knowing that Massachusetts is ripe for a favorable court decision based on this legislation,” continued Craney.

“Speaker DeLeo demonstrated that he puts the desires of union bosses ahead of the rights of hard-working state workers. DeLeo runs the House like a dictatorship, squashing any reform efforts or transparency.  As we saw with term limits to the Speaker position, he will do anything to maintain power-- including helping his union boss buddies with sweetheart legislation such as this,” stated Craney.

“Under Speaker DeLeo, the House has deteriorated to the point that the Governor can’t even persuade the Speaker through his veto and Democratic party activists need to pass resolutions to force their own Speaker to allow debate,” concluded Craney.”

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