ACTION ALERT: Support Uber and Lyft

The MA House of Representatives is considering further regulation of ride-for-hire companies like Uber and Lyft. Plans include banning ride-for-hire companies from picking up people at both the Logan Airport and a wide swath of the Seaport district in Boston.

While some regulation of the Uber and Lyft services is perhaps inevitable as government legislatures try to insure the safety of the community, we OPPOSE the scope of the bill before the House. The legislation includes a plethora of new regulations, from additional inspections to zone restrictions.

To highlight a few that we found most alarming was the creation of a “Ride for Hire Division” of the Department of Public Utilities, strict penalties to restrict ride-for-hire services at Logan Airport and the Boston Convention Center, and de-incentivizing restrictions for ride-for-hire services during weather emergencies.

Businesses like Uber and Lyft provide an important service. It gives people in need of a ride choices, which is the source of competition for suppliers. If Taxi’s are feeling pressured by the new competition it is a call to them to find ways to incentivize their driving services. At MassFiscal we believe the market can provide the solution much better than burdensome government bureaucracy

This bill goes beyond protecting health and safety, adding stifling regulations aimed at crushing innovation and competition necessary in a growing market for transportation services. For these reasons MassFiscal cannot support House Bill 4049, which seeks to undermine ride-for-hire companies like Uber and Lyft.

To let your legislator know you DO NOT SUPPORT H4049, especially the provisions that limit car services' area of operation and creating a new state agency for regulation. Take action by pressing here.



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