Local Business Leaders Urge Expansion of Charter Schools

Massachusetts business leaders have written letters to both Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and President of the Senate Stanley Rosenberg commending their commitment to taking up charter school legislation, and urging an expansion of charters to meet the high demand among Massachusetts' youth. 

"With a 20-year record of success... [charters] are a highly effective solution to one of America's deepest and most persistent challenges: the achievement gap between wealthy and economically challenged students..." the letters state.

In addition, their plea calls for charter legislation that is demand driven, acutely responding to the desires parents and students have for more choice among schooling opportunities, and keeps the unique fiscal and managerial aspects of charters in tact. They cite Governor Baker's charter bill filed in October as a high quality example from which future legislation should draw inspiration.

MassFiscal commends the business community's support of innovative education policy that improves the well-being of students while also keeping the commonwealth's finances in order. We continue to be supporters of increased access to charter schools in Massachusetts.

To view the letter to the house, click here. To view the letter to the senate, click here. To view Governor Baker's charter legislation click here.

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