MA Senate Election Bill Recap

Six days after Senate Democratic leadership unveiled their latest attempt to drastically change the way Massachusetts holds elections, every Democrat in the State Senate voted in favor of the controversial bill on Thursday.

The bill would do many things, but as we warned you in our previous emails, it would make vote by mail permanent and allow for same day voter registration. Every Republican in the State Senate voted against it. Well done, Senators Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester), Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton) and Patrick O’Connor (R-Weymouth)!

If you'd like to tell the MA House to vote against this bill, take our call to action by clicking here:
Last year, the Left failed to pass Ranked Choice Voting, and MassFiscal was a big reason for that. It’s clear the Left wants to change the way we hold elections in order to better their chances at victory. It’s especially appealing to hard-liner political activists who can use the new rules to better manipulate the system. The blow to voter integrity is enough, but the strain it would also put on our town clerks is unnecessary. Now, they want same day voter registration and permanent mail in voting. If they succeed, they will continue to push for more, including: automatic ballots mailed to voters and ballot harvesting.
Before this latest bill becomes law, it still needs to pass the House and go before the Governor. In the past, House Republicans and Democrats have rejected same day voter registration as an amendment and Governor Baker has opposed same day voter registration. However, Speaker Ron Mariano was recently asked about the bill, and he refused to make it clear whether he supports it or opposes it. Governor Baker will be under intense political pressure to accept the left-wing proposal.
That’s why its so important you have your voice heard today. Please complete our updated Call To Action to have your voice heard by your State Representative and Governor Charlie Baker.

Once you are done, please share the link with you likeminded friends and family and on your social media pages. Thank you!

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