Mass Fiscal Applauds Lawsuit to lift Arbitrary Cap on Charter Schools

(BOSTON)—Support for a lawsuit to lift the cap on the number of charter schools is coming from The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that advocates for fiscal responsibility and good government solutions on Beacon Hill. 

The suit comes after efforts to lift the arbitrary cap last year stalled in the Senate. 

Mass Fiscal Alliance board members have similarly filed suit against the state after the legislature failed to correct a statutory inequality in its campaign finance law. Mass Fiscal’s suit aims to eliminate the union loophole which gives unions an unfair advantage over businesses in elections.  

Paul Craney, executive director of Mass Fiscal Alliance, said, “Legislative leaders should heed the warning: Fail to act on common sense reforms, and individuals and organizations will seek the court’s intervention in remedying problems the legislature sweeps under the carpet.”  

During the last legislative session, a measure to lift the arbitrary cap passed in the House (roll call vote #378) 114 to 35. Senate roll call #408 failed when it went through the Senate at 9 to 30 votes. Check Mass Fiscal Alliance’s scorecard for a full report on roll call votes,  

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