Massachusetts Taxpayers are Among the Most Generous in New England & Nationally

#2 Highest in New England and #6 Nationally, New TCI Tax and Climate Law Will Only Add More Cost for Taxpayers

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement regarding the Tax Foundation’s new state tax map that shows Massachusetts taxpayers have the second highest state and local tax collections per capita of any of the New England states, trailing only Connecticut. Among the New England states, Connecticut taxpayers pay an average of $8,494, while Massachusetts taxpayers pay an average of $7,006. Vermont taxpayers pay an average of $6,349, Rhode Island $5,789, and Maine $5,540. New Hampshire comes in last with taxpayers paying an average of $5,272. Nationally, Massachusetts is the six most expensive state, even surpassing California and Illinois. The data is from of fiscal year 2018 (the most recent data available) and the state tax map may be found here:


“As state lawmakers begin the budget process, they should be cautious that Massachusetts taxpayers are already among the most generous in New England and in the country. Even if State House leaders do not include any new tax hikes in this year’s budget, our taxpayers are already stretched thin. Sustained increases in state spending, continued refusals to make state government more efficient, and no tax relief are all contributing factors to Massachusetts getting to this point,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for MassFiscal.


“Environmental groups that want to raise taxes have several policies that will soon take effect and make matters worse. Next year, Governor Charlie Baker’s Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) will take effect, which acts as another gas and diesel tax hike. Over the next few years, the recently signed Climate Law will further drive up the cost of living and doing business in Massachusetts through arbitrary mandates and increased regulations,” continued Craney.    


“Pro tax environmental groups aren’t the only group that should be blamed for higher costs down the road. Powerful union bosses are manipulating lawmakers to advance an amendment to the state constitution that would raise taxes on high income earners. These looming tax hikes will be placed on the backs of hard-working Massachusetts taxpayers,” concluded Craney.

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