MassFiscal Applauds Baker’s Tax Relief Plan

Taxpayers Waited Nearly 250 Days for First Serious Tax Relief Proposal

After waiting nearly 250 days, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance welcomes the first serious tax relief proposal of the year. On Friday, Governor Baker revealed his plan to increase the income tax exemption for families with dependents. Today, MassFiscal sent a letter applauding the Governor.

The administration’s proposal, which seeks to double the income tax exemption for dependents from $1,000 to $2,000, would positively affect taxpayers with dependents and is a much-welcomed step in the right direction.

“Massachusetts taxpayers are among the most generous in the country. Our annual tax Freedom Day was on April 23, meaning Massachusetts taxpayers spend nearly four months paying taxes before they can keep their first dollar. Every bit counts.” said Paul D. Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. 

“We hope legislative leaders will quickly adopt the idea in preparation for tax season in 2020. Tax Day is only 218 days away. We hope lawmakers will take it upon themselves to look at additional ways to bring tax relief to the taxpayers who are the among the most generous in the country,” concluded Craney.

A copy of the letter may be found here.

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