MassFiscal Calls on Gov. Baker to Withdraw from TCI

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance sent Gov. Charlie Baker a letter today urging him to withdraw his support for the quickly deteriorating and harmful Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).

A complete copy of the letter may be found here. 

On Friday, Governor Ned Lamont reached a deal with Connecticut lawmakers taking TCI off the table in Connecticut for the foreseeable future. Connecticut needed legislative approval to enroll their state. The only states that now remain are Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with Rhode Island still requiring legislative approval to fully join the scheme. Even sympathetic organizations like the Sierra Club have withdrawn their support for TCI, as more and more come to the realization that TCI simply isn’t viable. 

“It’s time for Governor Baker to do the right thing for Massachusetts and give up his hopes for TCI. The Governor should withdraw Massachusetts from the agreement as soon as possible. Massachusetts cannot waste any more valuable tax dollars and resources on this failing and controversial scheme,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for MassFiscal.

Connecticut’s departure couldn’t come at a worse time for TCI, as they have a scheduled webinar on Thursday.

“It would be wise for Gov. Baker to withdraw before TCI’s next meeting on Thursday. It would send a message to Massachusetts taxpayers and small businesses that the Baker administration is serious about an economic recovery and wants to avoid wasting any more Massachusetts taxpayer’s money on TCI,” continued Craney.

“At this point, what started out with twelve states is just us and Rhode Island. Massachusetts residents will overwhelmingly be on the hook for this failing and widely controversial program. What was a once noble, if misguided, pursuit has run its course. It’s time to do the right thing and exit this futile agreement,” concluded Craney.

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