MassFiscal Mails Letter to Every Municipal Official on TCI

Regressive and Undemocratic Nature of TCI Outlined

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has mailed a letter to every municipal official in the state highlighting concerns with the proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). In all, over 1,800 letters are being delivered this week. This is the first letter to local officials since the release of the TCI memorandum of understanding on December 17, which revealed fuel costs will increase by up to 17 cents per gallon. It’s also the first communication since state leaders in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine all voiced their concerns with their own state’s joining multi-state carbon gas tax scheme. A copy of the letter may be found at, or by clicking here.


“Many border communities, rural areas, and municipalities that do not have robust public transportation systems like Boston will be hit the hardest by TCI’s regressive nature. The Governor should seek a legislative vote on TCI, which will allow increased participation not just from state lawmakers, but by municipal officials as well,” stated Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Spokesman Paul Craney.


“Increasing fuel costs is regressive. It will impact low income and working people the hardest. For a lot of Massachusetts, moving into a big city is not an option and their way of life depends on driving. They shouldn’t be punished,” continued Craney. 


“If the administration doesn’t believe they need a legislative vote to enroll Massachusetts to TCI, what does that say about their concern with input from our local municipal officials? Even if the Governor believes he has the legal authority to circumvent the legislature, we hope he will bring TCI to a vote before the legislature so that both state lawmakers and local officials have a proper opportunity to be heard,” concluded Craney.

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