Our Latest Advocacy Campaign

This week, our latest advocacy campaign began hitting mailboxes across the state.

Following the 2016 election, the very first thing legislators did was vote themselves an average 40% pay increase. Then Senate President Rosenberg saw his pay go up by some 62%, while some lawmakers saw an increase of as much as 130%!

To top it all off, they filed the pay bill as “emergency” legislation so they could begin collecting their raises immediately.

There has been no shortage of critical issues facing our state in recent years, but the House and Senate decided to make the pay raise issue their number one priority. We think this was the wrong approach for the legislature to take and if it weren’t for our advocacy, constituents would be left in the dark.

When completed, over 500,000 households across 18 different legislative districts will have received this mailing.

Here is a sample of one mailer from this week:


Thank you for being a supporter of MassFiscal. If it weren’t for your support and grassroots advocacy, the public would have forgotten about this important vote.

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