MassFiscal Praises Incoming Lawmakers for Transparency Pledge

BOSTON – Citing their pledge to stand for recorded roll call votes once elected to the legislature, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has publicly thanked incoming lawmakers for their commitment to open and transparent government.

“The thanks of our organization, and of proponents of good government across the Commonwealth, go out to Senator-elect Becca Rausch (D-Needham) and Representatives-elect Tami Gouveia (D-Acton), Maria Robinson (D-Framingham) and Lindsay Sabadosa (D-Northampton) for their stand on this issue,” said Paul D. Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. “Voting is one of the primary functions of our elected Representatives, and our organization strongly believes that this should be done out in the open, and made available for the scrutiny of all residents of the Commonwealth.”

Senate rules currently require at least six members stand in support of a motion for a record roll call vote. House rules require a minimum of ten percent of the membership, or sixteen members to force a recorded vote.

House and Senate leaders have largely eschewed taking recorded votes in recent years, preferring to pass legislation using voice votes and informal sessions as often as possible. A small band of conservative lawmakers in the House has consistently stood for recorded votes in the past, but have not always been able to carry the day.

“This isn’t a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, it’s not a progressive issue or conservative issue. This is an issue of government accountability. This is an issue of lawmakers meeting the basic expectations of their constituents and openly taking positions on the issues before the House and Senate,” commented Craney.

“We challenge all of the newly elected legislators, Republican and Democrat, to have the same courage as these four lawmakers and take the #TransparencyPledge. The incoming class has a chance to make history. Let’s hope they choose to.”

MassFiscal will take their challenge to social media, where they hope to convince more lawmakers to sign on to the pledge.

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Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance advocates for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in state government and increased economic opportunity for the people of our Commonwealth.

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