New MassFiscal Advocacy Campaign Launches Today!

Tuesday’s win to defeat out of state interests trying to impose Rank Choice Voting in Massachusetts is a great win, but the MassFiscal team is not letting that significant win overshadow the looming tax fight that is about to begin.

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As we predicted, lawmakers waited until after the election to resume their work. They are meeting today for the first time since the end of July. Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Spilka previously extended the legislative session through the rest of the year in order to protect their members from taking tough votes before their elections, using the virus as an excuse to try to ram through controversial policies post-election.

Tax increases with no way to hold them accountable—Beacon Hill’s dream! But just because the November election has passed doesn’t mean the public cannot hold them accountable.

The good news is MassFiscal anticipated this and is ready. We’re hard at work launching our latest campaign, which begins hitting districts of members of the Joint Committee on Revenue as early as today.

This important Committee is a mix of House and Senate lawmakers who have the authority to stop tax hikes or bring them to the floor of the Senate and House for a vote.

This new advocacy campaign educates residents on some of the current tax increase proposals being considered and urges them to contact their legislators and tell them to STOP these tax increases.

You can view the campaign by clicking here. Direct mail into dozens of towns, and social media ad buys on Facebook will apply pressure on these committee members. Massachusetts State House leaders haven’t consider raising taxes in a lame duck session since Governor Dukakis tried after his failed 1988 run for the White House. These are uncharted waters but the MassFiscal team is ready and energized to beat back these big government politicians again. 

With the Commonwealth continuing to face so much economic uncertainty—and a pandemic continuing to loom over us—now is CLEARLY not the time to start raising taxes on hardworking families. In January, new state regulations will go into effect that will negatively impact businesses and drive up their costs. Next year, its widely expected lawmakers will want to advance their ill-conceived graduated income tax scheme to the state constitution, even though similar tax schemes have been defeated six times in the past, and we most recently saw one defeated on election day in Illinois despite the major push by their Democratic Governor. And of course, left wing environmental advocates continue to push for TCI, even though not a single state has agreed to join since its launch last December.  

As always, MassFiscal will be your #1 voice and your strongest advocate to hold State House leaders accountable.

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