One Year Since Climate Czar resignation

“Breaking the Will” of seniors is not a good look…

Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since MA Climate Change Undersecretary David Ismay was forced to resign after MassFiscal exposed comments he made to climate activists about Massachusetts’ intention to try to increase prices on gasoline and heating fuels to force residents to stop using them.

Ismay’s comments were delivered while on a zoom call with a group in Vermont. He was explaining how 60 percent of all carbon emissions in Massachusetts come from residential heating and cars and trucks, and in order to achieve the state’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050, 3 million homes would need to transition to electric heat and 5 million vehicles would need to be replaced with electric vehicles. Needless to say, an arbitrary goal and an extremely heavy lift for a state with no real cost effective and realistic way to get there. Talk about putting the cart before the horse! However, it was what Ismay said next that got him in trouble:

“There is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at, turn the screws on, and break their will so they stop emitting,” Ismay said. It comes down to “you and me,” to “the person across the street, the senior on fixed income.” “We have to break your will,” Ismay said, “I can’t even say that publicly.”

Although Ismay’s comments were harsh, they were not untrue. When legislators pass bills into law that mandate extreme arbitrary carbon emissions reductions like the one they passed last Spring, without having the resources to get there in a cost effective manner, working class families and, in his own words, “the senior on fixed income” will be the fodder.

In fact, House Speaker Mariano recently promised to soon take up a bill that would increase your electricity and gas bills to pay for offshore wind and remove a protective provision that ensures Massachusetts ratepayers won’t get ripped off by foreign offshore wind companies.

The environmental lobby and left-wing climate activists take pride in paying higher energy costs, if it means they think the energy is “clean.” Recent utility bills have skyrocketed, this is a reminder that it’s about to get worse if your elected officials don’t hear from you. If you haven’t already done so, please complete MassFiscal’s Call to Action to contact your elected officials and tell them your” will” can’t be broken.

Ismay’s comments may have been caught, but we assure you, the majority of similar off-color statements made by climate zealots in state government continue to go unreported. They are now looking at YOU to “turn the screws” on and “break your will” into submission to complete their climate change agenda.

Contact your elected officials today, to tell them you won’t stand for it.

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