Prop 80 Mailer

Did you get one of our mailers on Prop 80? If so, here’s a challenge for you: poke around the official House and Senate websites, and try to find how your legislator voted on advancing Proposition 80, the proposed income tax hike headed for the 2018 ballot. We sent over 100,000 of these cards to people in key towns and cities around the state. 

Prop 80 proposes a constitutional change away from the state’s flat tax rate in Massachusetts, in which all taxpayers pay the same percentage, and toward a graduated income tax. Tax-happy special interests have been pushing similar schemes for years, and voters have consistently rejected graduated income tax proposals.

Under the current plan, some taxpayers will see an outrageous 80 percent increase in their tax rate.

If you can find the vote on the legislature’s website, take a screen shot. Email us at [email protected]. We’ll send the first 20 respondents one of our “I Oppose Prop. 80” coffee mugs, free of charge!

If you’d rather, you can click on the links below to be taken directly to the votes on our scorecard: Senate vote: House vote:



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