Response to 1986 Law Passed by CLT That Could Provide Over $2.5 Billion in Tax Relief

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement after today’s remarks from Governor Charlie Baker in which the Governor said taxpayers could be entitled to over $2.5 billion in rebates due to a law originally passed in 1986 and championed by Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT) and the tireless advocacy of the Barbara Anderson.

“The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is pleasantly surprised. It’s never too late to embrace these common sense approaches, especially when they are written into our laws,” stated Paul Diego Craney.

“Governor Baker is right to want to give back this money, we are just disappointed that tax relief has only become so popular during the last few days of his final legislative session in office,” continued Craney.

“The legacy of Citizens for Limited Taxation and the advocacy by the late Barbara Anderson are so strong that they are still providing protections to Massachusetts taxpayers four decades on. Chip Ford, who continues to run the organization, should be proud to see Barbara’s legacy still benefiting Massachusetts taxpayers. MassFiscal and our alliance hope to continue their great work,” concluded Craney.

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