Senate Climate Bill Will Drive Up Costs & Restrict Options for Consumers

Bans the Sale of Gas & Diesel Vehicles & Limits Energy Options

The Massachusetts State Senate passed their climate bill, S.2819, late last night, by a vote of 37-3. The bill will dramatically increase costs for Massachusetts residents, small business owners, ratepayers, and consumers. The bill weakens the ‘price cap’ on offshore wind production, which was designed to protect ratepayers from increased costs. Offshore wind is not immune to the rising costs associated with inflation. This in light of state mandates forcing procurement of wind power, and the weakening of the price cap which allows wind companies to pass along higher costs to ratepayers. An amendment was added that would push to double offshore wind capacity, despite the obvious fact that Massachusetts doesn’t even have one completed wind farm to observe.  The senate bill also bans the sale of gas and diesel powered vehicles by 2035, following regulations originating out of California. The internal combustion engine (ICE) ban is especially harmful for Massachusetts motorists, as our neighboring state of New Hampshire will not implement an ICE ban. The climate of California’s population centers has almost nothing in common with Massachusetts and our cold winter days. The CA style ICE ban will dramatically increase costs for consumers and municipalities which will be forced to buy new and more expensive equipment. Senators also agreed to allow for increased new construction costs for 10 municipalities, as the senate bill allows these towns and cities to ban the new hook up of natural gas. The GOP Senate caucus offered their own version of a climate bill, which was defeated by a vote of 37-3. The GOP Senate amendment was more pragmatic and not as rigid as the Senate Democrats bill.

“Many states are trying to provide tax relief for consumers and small businesses due to the high cost of inflation and states having extra money from over taxation. The Massachusetts state senate is taking another approach by passing a multifaceted climate bill which aims to restrict energy supplies, and options for consumers while mandating costly alternatives. The Senate Democrats passed a climate bill which will eliminate popular and reliable gas and diesel powered vehicles, joining the likes of California. This ban will become a significant problem for Massachusetts motorists when their options are arbitrarily taken away from them due to this bill,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Massachusetts should not be eliminating options, but that is exactly what this bill does. For 10 municipalities, they will ban new natural gas hook ups for new construction projects. This will automatically increase housing costs and eliminate some businesses. If this zealous thinking is expanded, it will hurt middle class Massachusetts,” stated Craney.

“The price cap for offshore wind was designed to protect ratepayers and it is slowly being weakened by legislative action. Yesterday’s vote, hopes to weaken the price cap which will result in higher costs for ratepayers. An amendment was added which pushes to double offshore wind, despite offshore wind not yet proven to work off the Massachusetts coast. It’s essentially putting all your eggs into one basket without knowing if the basket can handle a single egg. These offshore wind companies are multinational corporations and unfortunately, their bottom line just got a little more enriched after the senate’s vote,” concluded Craney.

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