Shining a Light on the TCI Scheme

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a scheme designed by the environmental lobby that would drastically increase taxes on motor fuels (gasoline and diesel) and redistribute the funds for politicians' pet projects.

TCI’s ultimate goal is to force drivers into electric vehicles by making the fuel costs too high to operate gas and diesel powered vehicles.

TCI’s original goal was to sign up 12 states, from as far south as Virginia to as far north as Maine, including the District of Columbia. Due to your advocacy, and the advocacy from other members of the #NoTCITax coalition in each of these states, only MA, CT, RI and DC joined the scheme. Even though the Governors of Connecticut and Rhode Island signed their states up, unlike Massachusetts, they're still required to bring it before their state legislatures for a vote. 

A letter from the Anti-TCI coalition, outlining the latest flaws with the scheme is available here. In December, TCI claimed they will increase taxes less, but produce higher environmental benefit than they claimed in December of 2019. If that doesn’t sound right by you, you are not alone. The environmental lobby knows their best chance of passing their scheme is by tricking taxpayers and being as opaque as possible.

Please feel free to download the letter here and share the letter on your social media pages. From Massachusetts, the letter was signed by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation, Fiscal Partners Chamber of Commerce, the Massachusetts NFIB, and Citizens for Limited Taxation. Share it with your lawmakers, friends, family, and likeminded contacts from the other states. Thank you.

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