MassFiscal Issues Statement Ahead of President Biden’s Visit to Massachusetts

 President Joe Biden is expected to visit Somerset, Massachusetts today to outline his climate change policies. 

It’s anticipated the President will discuss the industrialization of our ocean with offshore wind and potentially declare a “climate” emergency, which will result in new regulations, as well as new and higher taxes and fees to be implemented without Congressional authorization.

“Recent polling has shown that President Biden’s approval numbers are even suffering in Massachusetts. If the President is looking for a sympathetic audience to promote his latest policy initiative, he should be prepared to speak about what he is doing to help middle class Massachusetts with the rising costs of inflation that is devaluing the paychecks, saving accounts, and retirement plans of working people in our state. If the President thinks middle class Massachusetts people want to hear about his latest climate change policy that will add more regulations and continue to drive up energy costs, he will be in for a surprise,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

In early June, polls commissioned by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation and UMass Amherst/WCVB found that President Biden’s popularity and handling of the economy and inflation were nose diving, even in Massachusetts. The Fiscal Alliance Foundation poll found the President’s handling of inflation had him at 38.5% approval and 53.6% disapproval. The UMass poll found that 45% of respondents approved of the job President Biden is doing, down from a 56% approval rating in November 2021, and down from a 61% approval rating in March of 2021.

“What middle class people in Massachusetts want to hear from the President is his plan to lower energy costs, including the high cost of gasoline, natural gas, and electricity. If today’s visit is just a ‘get out the vote’ rally for the environmental lobby ahead of the November midterm election, the President’s polling numbers will continue to tank. Voters in Massachusetts are growing increasingly impatient with the President’s handling of inflation and a visit today to discuss anything but solid solutions to inflation will only further damage his popularity among Massachusetts voters,” concluded Craney.

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