Statement on American Promise Press Conference

MassFiscal board member & American Promise Supporter Rejected from Commission

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today regarding American Promise’s press conference and anticipated announcement of efforts to limit our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and association. Due to a 2018 ballot question from American Promise, a surrogate citizen commission was formed of 15 surrogates to five statehouse politicians, the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Speaker and Senate President. Not a single member of the surrogate commission is a Republican. In fact, one of the board members is an elected Democratic member of the legislature and another was a Democratic candidate for Congress. It is highly unlikely any of the surrogates have the viewpoint of protecting our First Amendment rights. At the same time the Governor made his appointment, he has endorsed a newly formed Super PAC to help elect candidates aligned with his policy positions.


“The motive of American Promise has always been to give politicians the power to limit the public’s speech. Their efforts are aimed at holding the public accountable for their views, instead of allowing the people to hold politicians accountable,” stated Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Spokesman Paul Craney.


In 2019, Helen Brady, a board member of MassFiscal and supporter of American Promise, applied to be on the surrogate commission. She was the Republican nominee for State Auditor in 2018. Helen’s outspoken and independent thinking would have certainly provided the necessary balance; however, her application was rejected. 


“The Founders created the First Amendment to protect citizens from politicians using government to restrict the public’s speech. It’s unfortunate that despite being sympathetic to some of the broad goals of American Promise, I was not given a voice on this commission. I wonder if perhaps I was not accepted because I will raise issues that do not align with the majority of those who are on this commission? I have no set agenda and always willing to hear both sides of an argument, but sadly today’s outcome is a rubber stamp for what Beacon Hill politicians want and that does not always reflect the will of the people,” stated Helen Brady, board member of MassFiscal.

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