Statement on Election Results

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today in response to Tuesday’s election results and specifically for the race for Governor and Questions 1 and 4.

“We offer our congratulations to Governor-Elect Maura Healey.  As we have done since our founding ten years ago, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance will continue to hold our political leaders accountable, whoever that may be in the corner office or in power at the State House,” said Paul Diego Craney, spokesman for MassFiscal.   
“Governor-Elect Maura Healey made several promises to cut taxes, and we will hold her to her word. Question 1, which raises taxes 80% on the top earners, passed narrowly with her express support. Over the next four years, we look forward to supporting her measures to counteract the negative consequences this will have on the Commonwealth, including the plummeting of MA’s ranking by the non-partisan Tax Foundation to 4th worst business climate in the country and a return to our former reputation as “Taxachusetts,” continued Craney.
“Based on the passage of question 4, we also look forward to how she and the Legislature will ensure that people here illegally will be prevented from diluting citizens’ votes and voting anyway, given that the driver licenses will look exactly the same. The promulgation of regulations surrounding the issue will be critical to this process and we will be looking at this with extreme scrutiny,” continued Craney.
“There’s very little doubt Governor Elect Healey will have to deal with the fallout from Questions 1 and 4, which at a minimum will require the Governor Elect to revamp the Registry of Motor Vehicles to deal with tasks normally assigned to our federal immigration agencies. Due to these very close ballot questions, Governor Elect Healey’s next twelve months will not be easy. MassFiscal will continue to be the voice of the taxpayers during that time,” concluded Craney.

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