Statement in Support of Gov. Baker’s Check on Beacon Hill Spending

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today in response to Governor Charlie Baker’s letter to legislative leaders who are attempting to force the executive branch to commit to minimum levels of state spending. 

With this letter, the Governor has indicated that he is willing to act as a check on legislative leaders who want to spend their way out of a deficit and record unemployment.


“Legislative leaders have shown their hand by trying to force Gov. Baker to spend, even when he doesn’t think it’s necessary or advisable. Their ultimate goal is crystal clear now. They are unconcerned with what Massachusetts can and cannot afford and are putting all of their hopes in a federal bailout which may or may not happen. With 17.4% unemployment and a 44% retraction in our state economy, the minimum funding numbers they put forth have almost no basis in reality and will likely be used as a justification to raise taxes on the hard-working taxpayers of Massachusetts in the near future. Governor Baker is at his best when he uses his leadership to serve as a check on the selfish spending habits of legislative leaders,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.


“The Governor has the unique opportunity to once again be the taxpayers voice on Beacon Hill. By publicly calling out the legislative leader’s underhanded attempt to spend their way out of a deficit, Governor Baker is showing the public why he was sent to Beacon Hill and we hope he continues down this path,” concluded Craney. 

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