StopTCITax and MassVoterID ballot committees

Over the past several years, election integrity and keeping our Commonwealth an affordable place to live and do business have been two of the most prominent issues we’ve highlighted here at MassFiscal.

Beginning with our audit of mail-in votes in the 2018 state election, right up through our work calling on the legislature to learn more about potential vulnerabilities of mail-in voting before issuing an extension of its temporary use, election integrity has always been at the core of our work.
Similarly, we’ve updated our members on the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) boondoggle since its initial public debut. We were the first organization to start warning residents and elected officials about it three years ago and have continually educated everyone on the major gas and diesel price and supply impacts it will have on all residents across our Commonwealth.
We’re happy to report that working people across Massachusetts are about to have a great opportunity to have their voices heard. Two independent groups of citizens have come together to try to get ballot questions on the 2022 ballot, one seeking to secure elections by requiring ID to Vote and another barring Massachusetts from participating in the TCI boondoggle. The largest hurdle they now face is collecting the signatures necessary to ensure these questions make it to the 2022 ballot.
This effort will be successful if approximately 100,000 signatures are collected and the window to collect signatures is only two months. However, if 1,000 concerned citizens volunteered one weekend and collected 100 signatures, then the ballot question could move forward. 
To that end, we are asking our members and the public to consider downloading, printing, and signing the petitions. Many hands make light work, and if everyone does their part to get some signatures for these questions that’s one step closer to people having their voices heard on these issues.
Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT) has highlighted these petitions and included careful instructions for how to help. To get started, please visit CLT’s page at
If you would like to visit these sperate ballot committees, their links are below:

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