The Veto Pen and the Legislature

You might remember back in July all the fuss about Governor Baker's budget vetoes. The legislature rejected the idea that the budget they passed was out of whack, and overrode many of Baker's proposed cuts.

Well, we're nearly done with the first quarter of the fiscal year, and guess what? Revenue projections are down, legal fees and judgments are up, and the budget is most definitely out of whack. In fact, the gap is just about the same amount as the total in veto overrides passed by the legislature this summer.

Governor Baker is too sophisticated to say "I told you so," but MassFiscal isn't.

The legislature's childish refusal to work with Governor Baker on building a responsible budget back in July means he will need to make emergency cuts now and going forward. Wouldn't it have been smarter to put forward a reasonable budget plan to begin with?

As you know, we've been promoting the Fiscal Scorecard among voters in targeted areas across the state. Take a look at the scorecard here, and see how your legislator voted on the overrides.

Voters can make better choices, knowing which reps and senators voted to spend money we just don't have.


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