U-Haul Report: MA Sees 2nd Highest Outmigration in Country

Only California Saw Larger Net Loss of One-Way Movers

A new report from U-Haul measuring the migration patterns of their customers shows Massachusetts with the second highest net loss of one-way movers in the country. The Commonwealth trails only California, a far larger state, in the rankings and is the only New England state to make the top 5 for net loss of one-way movers. The three states that saw the highest net increase were Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. The U-Haul report can be viewed by clicking here.

“The U-Haul report confirms what we’ve been hearing from other moving companies and what is readily evident to Bay State residents. People are leaving inflexible, high tax states for brighter pastures in record numbers. If Massachusetts wants to maintain its tax base it needs to make tax relief and economic competitiveness its number one priority in 2024,” noted Paul D. Craney, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“If you examine the report, you’ll actually see our situation has gotten worse since last year’s U-Haul report, where we ranked as fourth worst in the country. Even with all of the talk of tax reform that fluttered around the State House last year, we still declined two rankings to second worst in the nation. With the disappointing tax reform package that they settled on passing, I wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to beat California out to claim the top prize next year. It’s time State House leaders start taking this issue seriously and begin to take measures to make us a more competitive state to live and do business,” noted Craney. 

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