UMass Poll Matches Results of Fiscal Alliance Foundation Poll on Popularity of Suspending the Gas Tax

68% and 71% in Each Poll Show Support for Suspending the Gas Tax

On June 9, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation released a statewide poll of likely voters that showed 68% of likely voters supported suspending the state gas tax. Across all major parties, the gas tax suspension was very popular. Among Republicans, it polled at 71%, Unenrolled at 71%, and Democrats at 64%. According to a poll released today by UMass Amherst and WCVB polling Massachusetts residents, there was even more support at 71% “strongly” and “somewhat” in favor of suspending the gas tax. The UMass poll results validate the results of the Fiscal Alliance Foundation poll and once again demonstrates the popularity among Massachusetts likely voters and residents to suspend the state gas tax.

“With only 35 days until the legislative session comes to an end, Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka are running out of time to pass a suspension to the state gas tax. In some parts of Massachusetts, gas prices are already surpassing $6 per gallon. If State House leaders cared to listen to their constituents, they would already know the gas tax suspension is the most popular tax relief policy they could pass before their session ends and these two consecutive statewide polls only validate that,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“These two polls show that the people of Massachusetts have made their opinions very clear on the gas tax suspension. The only remaining question that lingers is if Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka are listening,” concluded Craney.

To find a copy of the Fiscal Alliance Foundation poll, please click here. To find a copy of the UMass poll, please click here.

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