Veto Override Votes

Over the weekend, both the House and the Senate met to consider overriding the Governor's vetoes on the FY 2017 budget. The Senate considered over 60 individual items; the House, over 100. As the Democrat National Committee meets this week in Philadelphia, voting is suspended until the weekend, when we expect work will continue on trying to restore cuts to the budget. Despite the governors reductions, many agencies and programs are still being funded at last year’s levels or in some cases getting even more funding than last year.

As you can imagine, a massive amount of data will be moved into our Legislative Scorecard over the next few days. You might be interested in checking in as we go along. Follow this link to view the Scorecard at

We’ll let you know when we've accounted for all of the votes. If all goes according to plan, the legislature will adjourn for the remainder of the session on Sunday.

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