Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford

That’s the unique new program lawmakers should understand when they want to buy stuff they cannot afford. The Governor vetoed their 40 percent pay raise in January and their $40B budget in July. Yet, these lawmakers are now considering restoring 169 Gubernatorial line item vetoes to the FY2018 budget, totaling over $320M.

The legislature hit a new low when, after working on a budget in secret, released it one Friday morning with the intention of voting on $40B in just one day. They then decided to wait until September to see the influx of tax revenues before taking up Governor Baker's vetoes. 

In the first two months of the current fiscal year, we are down $11M from the benchmark, though revenue is up from the same time last year. It’s safe to say, now isn’t the time for increasing spending.

Tomorrow, the House will take up the Governor’s vetoes. This is where we need your help. 

As the House mulls over the overrides, we can stand up and ask our lawmakers to support the governor’s fiscally responsible budget vetoes. We cannot continue to function as a Commonwealth while lawmakers play fast and loose with our tax dollars. Complete our Call to Action to contact your lawmakers. We just cannot afford a $40B budget or a 40% pay raise. Get started here


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