2 Years Ago

Outrageous pay raises for politicians passed with little discussion and tied to an emergency preamble so they can pocket the cash as quick as possible. A rushed rules debate that resulting in meaningless reform, and less transparency. Two months in, and 2017 looks like monkey business as usual on Beacon Hill. 

And yet, thanks to your help, we've had victories for better, more efficient government. Two years ago, this month, the misguided and antiquated Pacheco Law hampered progress at the MBTA. The Pacheco Law, you might remember, is the toughest anti-privatization law in the country. It caused years of missed opportunities, inflated costs, and mismanagement. The result? Record level snow resulted in an epic failure at the MBTA. 

Silly antics from the head of the MBTA union almost derailed reform, but though an outpouring of advocacy from riders, taxpayers, and reform minded elected officials, the union boss's antics were ignored. 

With the first major storm since the winter of 2015 behind us and another on its way, the MassFiscal team joins the chorus of kudos for the MBTA's performance. MassFiscal is proud of the role we played in ensuring important reforms were passed and enacted. Today, we have better, more reliable public transportation because of those reforms.

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