Audit the Legislature

In 2022, Massachusetts elected a new state Auditor and in 2023, the state Auditor attempted to audit the legislature, and specifically the Senate President and Speaker. Despite the state Auditor's office previously auditing the legislature in the past, the Speaker and Senate President refused to comply with the audit. The legislative leaders claim they conduct their own audit and do not need the state Auditor to audit them.

In August of 2023, an independent group of bi-partisan citizens began the process of placing a ballot question before the voters in 2024 that would reaffirm the state Auditor has the authority to audit the legislature. Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance mailed the signature petition to its members and activists across the state. In November of 2023, the ballot question announced they collected enough signatures of Massachusetts voters and the ballot question will advance.

On November 5, 2024, Massachusetts voters will vote on this important question. Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance supports efforts to make the State House more transparent.

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