AAA Report: “Gas $17 More a Fill Up Now"

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance (MassFiscal) made the following statement today in response to AAA Massachusetts announcing that gasoline price increases have raised the cost of the average fill-up approximately $17 more today than this time last year.

AAA Massachusetts reported Monday that the average price of a gallon of gas hit $3.27 in its latest weekly survey. A month ago, the price was $3.10 and a year ago it was $2.10. That difference in just one year represents a 56% increase or $1.17 per gallon. The last time prices in Massachusetts were this high was October of 2014 at $3.32 per gallon. MassFiscal has warned motorists that motor fuel costs will continue to skyrocket if Governor Baker continues Massachusetts’ participation in TCI (Transportation and Climate Initiative), even though Massachusetts is the only state “fully committed” to the program. 


“Over the last year, the cost of almost everything has gone up and the cost of gasoline is no different. As AAA of Massachusetts noted, the 56% increase in gasoline costs translates to an additional $17 per fill up. That’s $17 less every working family has every time they fill up,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. 


“Massachusetts is still the only state fully committed to join TCI in 2023, which will raise gasoline and diesel fuel prices even more. TCI acts like another new tax and the consumer will feel the higher costs every time they fill up. Governor Baker should immediately stop Massachusetts participation in TCI. Adding more taxes on gasoline will only add fuel to the fire when addressing the problem of making transportation more affordable for working families,” concluded Craney.

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