MassFiscal to Governor Baker: T-C-I = T-A-X

...And it Definitely Should Have Legislative Approval

Last night, MassFiscal’s spokesperson was on The Howie Carr show to discuss TCI, the latest attempt by Beacon Hill to rebrand an increase in the state gas tax. Remember, despite what Boston officials tell you, T-C-I is nothing more than political doublespeak for T-A-X. If you missed it, you may listen online by clicking here

Massachusetts is one of 12 states in the TCI agreement, trying to replicate California and Quebec by putting a price on carbon in the transportation sector. It was just revealed last week that they want to add a significant gas tax and don’t think they need legislative approval. The exact amount of the increase STILL hasn’t even been disclosed to the public.  As you probably know, all taxes in Massachusetts must originate from the House. The Governor does not have authority to unilaterally raise taxes. Even if the Governor doesn’t want to describe the TCI gas tax as a tax as a way to justify bypassing legislative approval, the Governor would be wise to take this before the State House and Senate. Legal authority or not, the Governor has a moral obligation to seek legislative approval before asking every resident who drives a gas or diesel powered vehicle to spend much more at the pump.

MassFiscal sent a letter to Governor Baker calling on his administration to seek legislative approval. You may read our letter by downloading it here.

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