Helpful Studies

Below is a list of studies organized by topic, pertaining to the fiscal situation of Massachusetts. Please take some time to browse through the list and see what other organizations are saying about the state of affairs in the commonwealth.

Good Government

A ranking from the Sunlight Foundation on how transparent each state is:

A ranking of all 50 governors performed by the Cato Institute:

General Economy

This study from the Pioneer Institute looks at various characteristics of the Massachusetts economy:

This report from the Mercatus Institute compares the fiscal condition of the fifty states:

A CNBC ranking of all 50 states on competitiveness measures:


A study from the Tax Foundation looking at marginal capital gains tax rates in the fifty states:

A study from the Tax Foundation looking at tax information transparency in the fifty states:

Report from the Tax Foundation on sales taxes in the fifty states:


A Cato Institute report on the fiscal state of education in Massachusetts: 

This study from looks at state debt throughout the United States:

A study by the Beacon Hill Institute about the impact of so-called "prevailing wage" laws:

A Cato Institute study on the effects welfare programs have on work:


A report from The Economist on the varying difficulty in starting a business in each of the fifty states:


This study from the Pioneer Institute takes a close look at the MBTA’s pension plans:

This scorecard from the Urban Institute gives each state plans a letter grade based on various characteristics of their public pension plans:

This study from the Pioneer Institute takes a close look at the public pension plans for teachers in Massachusetts:

This study from the Heartland Institute grades states based on their public pension plans:


A report from the Reason Foundation comparing state highway systems:

Minimum Wage 

A study from AIM looking at the effects of minimum age increases on employers.:

A study from the Employment Policies Institute on the campaign to increase the minimum wage to $15:

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