Statement on House Voting to Borrow Over a Billion Dollars for Pork-Barrel Spending

Borrowing to pay for Chrome books, Zoos and Parks and Courthouse

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today in response to the General Court’s vote on HB4708, which claims to improve IT security for the state. The bill cost over a billion dollars, without a funding source from existing revenues, it was paid for by borrowing. The non-partisan, non-profit Tax Foundation already ranks Massachusetts as the most indebted state in the country per capita. The bill includes several earmarks to pay for pet projects important to State House leaders, which will be delivered in an election year.


“The worst depression in a generation didn’t stop the Massachusetts General Court from borrowing over a billion dollars today. Despite over one million workers on unemployment and countless shuttered small businesses, they found a way to make sure their pet projects were purchased in an election year,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.


“Families are having a hard time paying their rent and mortgages. Workers are on unemployment. Countless brick and mortar retail shops, restaurants and lodging destinations have been forced to keep their doors shut. Instead of focusing on these worthy concerns, our State House leaders dug up something from last January’s to-do pile and secured their own future during an election year,” stated Craney.


“There’s no justification to borrow $375,000 to pay for outside WiFi for Arlington, $15,000,000 for upgrades to a courthouse in Framingham, or $330,000 for Chrome Books in Medford. Maybe if these politicians didn’t have a guaranteed taxpayer funded salary, scheduled pay raises, downtown Boston parking spot, healthcare for life, and state-backed pension, they would know what it’s like to reduce spending during these difficult times,” concluded Craney. 

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