Mark Cohen Re-Elected Chairman of MassFiscal

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has announced the reelection of Mark Cohen as Chairman of their Board of Directors.

Mark was first elected Chairman on September 11, 2017, when MassFiscal’s founder Rick Green stepped down to run for office. Mark has been a member of the board since 2012 and served as past treasurer. In addition to leading the board, Mark is co-founder and CEO of OPRSystems, Inc., a leader in New England’s recycling industry. Originally from suburban Washington, DC, Mark is a graduate of Cornell University and of Harvard Business School. Mark and his wife live in Concord, MA.

The 2022 slate of officers and directors elected are Mark Cohen as Chairman, Ann Sullivan as Treasurer, Mike Kane as Clerk, Jim Rappaport as Finance Chairman, with Jennifer Braceras, Helen Brady, Paul Diego Craney, Sue Curtis, Carl Nelson, David Parker, and Danielle Webb all serving as directors.

“As Chairman of the of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, I feel a great honor to serve. Since joining the board, I have found my volunteer role to be incredibly fulfilling,” stated Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Chairman, Mark Cohen.

“Our supporters across the ideological spectrum expect Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance to hold politicians accountable to their constituents, both Republicans and Democrats. Now more than ever, our important work and our track record of success need to continue. Legislative leaders need the pushback that only Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is able to effectively deliver, and the people of Massachusetts benefit the greatest for our success,” concluded Cohen.

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