MassFiscal Mails Letter to Every Lawmaker Calling For State to Begin Reopening

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has mailed a letter to every lawmaker in Massachusetts, urging them to begin the safe and responsible reopening of Massachusetts on May 18.

Though the Governor outlined the beginnings of a plan on Tuesday, details were almost nonexistent, and specifics are not expected to be announced until May 18.  

“Millions of residents of the Commonwealth followed the Governor’s lock down order, now it’s time for the Governor to listen to the millions of Massachusetts small business owners and workers who want to safely reopen. Every job is essential and every day is essential. The Governor needs to be clear and transparent with the specifics of his plan and not delay another day,” said Paul Craney, spokesman for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

 “It’s becoming clear that the economic shutdown is creating two distinct worlds in Massachusetts—a world of white-collar workers who can work from home and a world of blue-collar workers who can’t. For white collar workers, the shutdown is an inconvenience. They continue to work remotely. Their paycheck still comes in, and they continue to make their mortgage payments. The reality for blue-collar workers is very different. It is a world of furloughs and unemployment queues. They are deferring mortgage payments or behind on rent because they are not getting paid. Many blue-collar workers do not even know if they will have a job to return to when this is all over,” noted MassFiscal Legislative Director Laurie Belsito in the letter to lawmakers.

“Governor Baker and other elected officials, including state lawmakers, have done a great job communicating with the public the harm of the virus and how to stay safe. The health care facilities have not been overrun and the curve is flattening. Now it’s time our State House leaders show they trust the people of Massachusetts by allowing them to safely re-open our communities. The Governor needs to put his trust into the small business community that forms the backbone of our economy” closed Belsito.

A copy of the letter is available here. 

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