MassFiscal Statement on Former Senator Dianne Wilkerson Pulling Nomination Papers to Run for the State Senate

On Friday, Former Sen. Dianne Wilkerson pulled nomination papers to run for her old Second Suffolk Senate district seat in Boston. The former State Senator was famously photographed by an FBI informant stuffing $100 bills into her bra and subsequently left office. In 2010, the former Massachusetts lawmaker pleaded guilty to eight counts of attempted extortion. More recently, Wilkerson has been resurfacing in the media with some reports alluding to her political comeback. On Friday, Wilkerson made it official.

“The public needs to wake up to what’s happening at the Massachusetts State House. Taxpayers cannot seem to get a break as votes to suspend the gas tax fall short, but a disgraced former state senator feels right at home in this legislative body and hopes to return to her powerful position,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“What does it say about the state of our legislative body when states like Connecticut, New York and New Hampshire pass laws or are about to pass laws that temporarily suspend their gas tax and our state senate is attracting a former senator who was caught on video stuffing cash into her underwear,” continued Craney.

“Across the state, Massachusetts voters are being asked to vote on a ballot question sponsored by the legislature which will increase the income tax by 80% on some earners and middle-class businesses. As they consider giving more of our tax dollars to the legislature to spend, they need to think hard about the character of those who are elected that will be in control of it. The public needs to wake up to this potential reality,” continued Craney.

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