MassFiscal Statement on State Senate Refusing to Give Priority to Residents over Migrants for the Right to Shelter Law Benefit

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance issued the following statement after the State Senate voted down a common-sense amendment (#49) that would give priority to residents over migrants for the Right to Shelter law benefit, which is leading to the emergency shelter system being overwhelmed by the migrants entering our state. Massachusetts is the only state in the country with such a generous taxpayer funded benefit, eligible to anyone who can simply enter our state. The amendment was rejected by a vote of 12-27, to view a copy of the roll call vote on this amendment, please click here.

“Despite senate leaders admitting on the senate floor that the state cannot continue down this path, their rhetoric did not match their voting record. Senate leaders were just as quick to vote down meaningful reform as they were to complain about the situation. Senate leaders would rather continue to mug the taxpayers of their hard-earned money than get serious about doing everything in their power to slow down the flow of migrants flocking to our state due to their housing guarantee. The state senate had an opportunity to fight for the taxpayers and not continue to bleed them dry, but they instead choose to keep the status quo and continue the never ending funding stream for the migrants overwhelming what is intended to be a safety net for our state citizens,” stated Paul Diego Craney, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. 

The roll call vote on the overall spending bill to give more taxpayer money to the state's Right to Shelter law benefit without any reforms passed 32-8, to view a copy of this vote, please click here.

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